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Faethm provides targeted gap analysis to future state in order to focus your L&D budget to level-up the organisation with the right capabilities to the right employees.

Develop future capabilities

Prioritise development of the capabilities most critical for the future.

Close capability gaps

Pinpoint exactly where the capability gaps
exist and act now to close the gaps.

Assess technology impacts

Understand the current and future impacts of emerging technologies on capabilities.

Uplift capability maturity

Gain a clear view of the capability maturity level required for each role into the future.

Capability Finder

Use Faethms interactive analytics tool to evaluate current capability strengths and weaknesses in your workforce, and review the future state of capabilities needed for each role.

Capability Snapshot

Receive a summary report of capability gaps across your workforce and Faethms recommendations on prioritising uplift for those that are critical to your strategic advantage.

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