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Business Resilience

Prepare your workforce for new ways of working and build resilience for times of disruption and uncertainty.

Business Resilience

Seize opportunities during constant change

  • How should I redesign the work environment to best suit the new hybrid model of work?
  • How can I transition workers back to the office safely, and who should return first, and when?
  • How do I justify my planned hybrid model of work to senior management?
  • In the face of constant change and ongoing uncertainty, how can I provide both flexibility and safety to my people?
  • Can I rely on management surveys alone to decide who continues to work from home and who doesn’t? ​
  • If we’re all working to a remote or hybrid setup, is our costly office space still needed?​
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Drive transformation and resilience

Workforce and job insights

Compare remote work potential

Understand the degree to which each job in your workforce can be performed productively while remote at a task level.

Technology insights

Human interaction

Inform workforce agility and resilience planning with an analysis of the degree of human interaction in different jobs within your workforce.

Market Insights

Risk assessment

Evaluate the work-related exposure of high-risk workforce cohorts and slice and dice the data to gain a granular view by age, location and business unit.

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A new approach to work

An adaptable workspace

Redesign the physical work environment to accommodate the requirements of the new hybrid model of work.​


New ways of working

Provide the flexibility to work when and where your workforce wants, and the technologies that will support them to effectively contribute.​

A flexible and fair return to work​

Successfully navigate an equitable return to work that’s clear on who needs to be in the office and when, and flexible enough to quickly adapt to unexpected change.


Critical workforce skills​

Provide your workforce with proactive training to build the critical skills needed in advance of workplace changes.

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