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Career Mobility

The Job Corridor AI generates a complete skills gap analysis that factors in future impacts of known technologies on your workforce and surfaces top career pathways.

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Create a culture of internal talent mobility

  • How can I ensure I’m developing an effective talent pipeline, equipped with the right mix of skills, for the future?
  • Too often our hiring managers only think in vertical pathways. How can I be clear on the benefits of horizontal mobility across business units?​
  • How can we fill critical new roles quickly with ​the right people from our internal talent pool?​
  • How relevant are the skills and capabilities of our current workforce to the roles we’ll need in the future?
  • To develop a long-term plan for future needs, how can I identify what the ideal duration of a multi-job pathway is?
Career Mobility Platform
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Tailor your mobility plans

Workforce and job insights

Manage workforce transitions

Boost your internal talent pipelining by identifying who has the best fit for your future roles​, then upskill to improve the success of a transition.

Technology insights

Understand technology impacts

Know the extent to which tasks will be automated and augmented, and gain a clear outlook of technology impacts across every area of your business into the future.

Market Insights

Build skills for the future

Understand your people’s skills, and focus your upskilling and reskilling on the skills your workforce needs next for their tasks in future careers.

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Drive a successful, long-term career mobility program

Retain your talent

Steer your organisation through change with a long-term plan to retain talent, by building talent pipelines to jobs with future growth. Identify which jobs are likely to grow in demand and which jobs you'll need to add to your workforce with data-driven, predictive insights.


Foster learning and growth

Your people are your most valuable asset. Gain a clear outlook of the technologies that are most likely to impact your industry three to ten years from now, to align your learning and development investments to the skills and tasks that are most likely to change and to grow in demand.

Plan for your future roles

Digital technologies are fundamentally reshaping what work is. Identify the technologies that are most likely to impact your industry into the future, and the jobs and skills that will be required for the transformed workplace to prepare your people plan well in advance of change.


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