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Future Capabilities

Innate human attributes that no robot can replace, and digital literacies needed to succeed in an increasingly digitised and data-driven workplace.


Level up capabilities to deliver on your strategy

  • What capabilities does my team need to achieve organisational outcomes now and in the future?
  • Where are the largest capability gaps across my organisation by job family, location and organisational unit? 
  • How will the adoption of new technologies like AI and robotics affect the capabilities my team will need?
  • How should I prioritise which capabilities to level up first to  meet my organisation's strategic objectives?
  • Which capabilities will grow increasingly critical in the future as emerging technologies reshape my industry?


Future Capabilities platform
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Leverage future capabilities for success

Workforce and job insights

Assess technology impacts

Understand the current and future impacts of emerging technologies on capabilities.

Technology insights

See where you need to be

Gain a clear view of the capability maturity level required for each role into the future.

Market Insights

Understand the gaps

Pinpoint exactly where the capability gaps exist and act now to close the gaps.

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The future of work holds
infinite possibilities

Identify the capabilities that are critical to your organisation's success,
and measure where you are now and where you need to be three to ten years into the future.

Capability finder

Use Faethm’s interactive analytics tool to evaluate current capability strengths and weaknesses in your workforce, and review the future state of capabilities needed for each role.


Capability snapshot

Receive a summary report of capability gaps across your workforce and Faethm’s recommendations on prioritising uplift for those that are critical to your strategic advantage.

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