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Sustainable Automation

Consider and plan for the future employability of your people to ensure every person, everywhere, has a place in the future.

Sustainable Automation

Put your people first

  • Where are similar tasks being performed across the business and can these be automated?
  • How do we prepare our people with the right skills to keep up with the pace of digital transformation?​
  • How can we integrate automation into our business in an equitable, inclusive way that protects our employees' mental health?
  • What’s the most efficient and cost-effective option for bringing new skills into our internal talent pool?
  • My board is talking about including our people experience in our ESG goals and tying them to sustainability. How do I prepare for that?
  • As work is reshaped by digitisation, what new roles will be required and who in our current talent pool can fill them?
Sustainable Automation Platform
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Human-centred strategic planning

Assess automation impacts

Assess automation impacts

Assess the likelihood of impacts from automating technologies in every area of your business to prepare effective workforce strategies.

Identify future jobs

Identify future career paths

Know which new jobs will be needed in your workforce to manage and maintain automating technologies and design career paths to these new jobs.

Identify automatable tasks

Evaluate automation of tasks

See which technologies are most likely to automate tasks, from three to ten years into the future, across your entire workforce.

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Take a holistic approach to your people's future employability

Know what happens next

Measure the extent to which automation will improve efficiencies and deliver cost savings in all areas of your business, from three to ten years into the future.


Prepare in advance

As simple tasks are automated, supply and demand of skills will change and roles will change. Prevent skills imbalances by upskilling your people to take on more complex and high value tasks to deliver improved productivity.

Keep the people you need

The people you need for the future are already in your business. Get the maximum value out of automation through reskilling and upskilling your people with the skills they need to work with automating technologies and transition smoothly to the jobs of the future.


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