Building tomorrow’s businesses from tomorrow’s IP

Faethm creates economic and social value from emerging technologies, such as AI and Robotics. We enable industry and the community to benefit as technological progress accelerates.

Our partnerships with labs, companies and governments help to build products and ventures with tomorrow’s technology, that maximise prosperity and drive socioeconomic change.

Image: Microscopic Galaxies by Christine Napier, human cells with DNA coloured blue

What we do

We build real world Applications from scientific discoveries, to deploy emerging technology in new ventures that scale fast.

We help companies and governments, globally, to navigate the socioeconomic Implications of emerging technologies.


We collaborate with R&D labs, industry partners and investors to build products and ventures that take inventions from lab to market.

Current programs include:

  • New venture for AI cancer diagnosis

  • Molecular imaging surgical technologies

  • IoT for food distribution


We combine R&D and our proprietary analytics platform to develop strategic and policy responses to technology-driven change.

Current programs include:

  • Automation and the Future of Work

  • Future of Education

  • Smart cities, infrastructure, travel and transport

We partner with research labs, industry and investors worldwide to build ventures that apply new technologies that are not yet commercially available.

Image: Monash University "Cave", 3D interactive human brain visualisation
The Tandem Platform
Tandem is a product that shows how technological disruption and automation will affect your organisation, by applying world-leading R&D and our proprietary analytics to your own financial, market and workforce data.
Tandem's modelling, scenario and decision support tools help leaders to drive significant commercial and human value, immediately and over time.

Technology-driven change will have a profound impact on almost every enterprise in the next 10 years

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Meet Faethm

We’re led by a team of product, technology and strategy executives with hands-on startup and blue-chip experience.

mike priddis
chief executive officer

Before founding Faethm Michael was a Partner and Managing Director, Asia of The Boston Consulting Group’s technology innovation practice, Digital Ventures. Prior to this Mike founded and led S&C, an award-winning design firm that was acquired by BCG.

chief operating officer

Before founding Faethm Carolyn was CEO of Decimal, an ASX listed FinTech. Prior to Decimal, Carolyn held executive roles in some of Australia’s most prestigious finance institutions, including Macquarie Bank, St George Bank and BT Financial Group.

richard mclaren
product, data & tech

Richard joins Faethm after leading McKinsey Digital in ANZ, and running technology, product and data functions for a number of major companies in Australia and abroad, including Mi9, Westpac, MoneySupermarket and Thoughtworks.

greg miller
exec director

Prior to Faethm Greg held global technology leadership roles, including GM Global Partner Operations at SAP and senior roles at PeopleSoft, Unisys and Oracle. Greg also founded the not-for-profit Navegar Institute, to research and advocate on tech issues.

samantha lawson

Samantha joined Faethm from The Boston Consulting Group, where she helped CEOs and executives innovate, grow and adapt to changes and opportunities driven by new technologies. She formerly led a London communications firm, and holds an INSEAD MBA.


Fathom: \ˈfa-th(ə)m\

Verb – to Understand a difficult Challenge, after much thought

Noun – a Measure of Depth, equal to 6 feet

Origin – Old English Faethm, "the span of outstretched arms".

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Image: Study into Huntington’s Disease, courtesy of Monash University

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