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Faethm by Pearson

Your Guide to the Future Workforce

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Join leading companies across the globe using Faethm AI to make strategic workforce decisions for the future.

Why Faethm?



Insights powered by AI models run on your workforce data.


Predictive AI

Machine and deep learning AI generate predictive insights.


Live and scaling

Dynamic, scalable data and models bring insights to life.


Secure by design

Multiple security layers protect data. GDPR and CCPA compliant.



More reliable actionable insights to drive real-world impact.


Modeling future of tech

A vast occupation ontology delivers a micro to macro overview.

Prepare your workforce for the future of work

Understand your workforce skills, capabilities and their evolving needs and future skill requirements.

Labour Market Insights

We provide the data you need to navigate your workforce through finance or talent-based challenges.

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Strategic Workforce Planning

Anticipate supply and demand factors both inside and outside the organization.

Technology Impact

Keep your workforce one step ahead by understanding economic and technological trends that will impact your business.

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Begin your workforce planning journey, powered by Faethm AI. Talk to our sales team to see Faethm AI in action.