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  • Skill  gaps
  • Impacts of emerging technology technologies 
  • Changing roles and future role requirements
  • Rationalize technology roadmaps
  • Augment existing knowledge
  • Identify gaps that emerging technology could fill

  • Embraced technology transformation

  • Shared language around technology with leaders

  • Proactive strategies forward with automation 


Nestlé Purina Petcare is a company of pet lovers. For over 90 years, they’ve been committed to nourishing pets and enriching lives. The company is currently on an “Agility journey.” As part of that journey, employees were asked to remove, reduce, or simplify work. Many of the resulting successes were fueled by technology. Given the early wins on the use of technology in certain areas of the business, doing that at scale was an obvious next step.

Pearson came at the right time to augment the initiative and inform the next steps of the process. Specifically, to spur the exploration of new and emerging technologies to unlock capacity and zero-in on the most meaningful tasks at the individual, team, and enterprise level.


Multiple departments throughout Purina had already come up with ways for emerging technology to benefit the business. For example, the Digital Manufacturing team had identified technology to enhance human capacity in the warehouse.

“At Purina, we are constantly thinking about tweaking capabilities. We want to identify what’s coming next, what we are up against, and where gaps exist. Pearson accelerated our ability to play in that space,” said Angela Schneider, Director of People Analytics

Pearson was able to provide further clarity on how to best prepare the workforce for this shift by attaching numbers to current skills and capabilities and accurately identifying future requirements. 

These insights enable leaders throughout Purina to anticipate workforce supply and demand up to 15 years in the future.


“My goal is not just to throw data at our leaders and associates across the company, but to make sure we’re providing them with actionable insights that they can move forward with that day,”

— Ellen Lynch, People Analytics Consultant



Veracity for Scheduled Digital Transformation

Leveraging Pearson data proved a natural extension of what Purina’s teams were already doing. By applying Pearson insights to new technology initiatives that were already scheduled, Purina was able to:

  • rationalize technology roadmaps
  • augment existing knowledge
  • identify gaps that emerging technology could fill

“Pearson helped us tell a story of where we’re at and what the future looks like. It shows us how we can act today to prepare for tomorrow.”

— Angela Schneider, Director of People Analytics

“We were already very committed to this goal, and we had taken some big first steps, especially in terms of automation. But Pearson showed us that we couldn’t stop there. It helped us think about where we were heading, where we need to deploy our resources, and where we need to focus to achieve long-term Digital Transformation,”

— DeAnne Stepp, VP Managing Director, Purina Sales

Informing the Workforce Future Project

After Purina explored the existing technology projects in the works, the easy next step was to systematically review the rest of the workforce—a project called “Workforce Future.”

Pearson provided useful and thought-provoking data. The People Analytics team then created a Steering Committee to share that data with cross-organizational leaders, including the Heads of Human Resources, Sales, Digital Transformation, and more.




Company Culture That Embraces Transformation

Today, Pearson plays a key role in Purina’s Agility journey. Its insights have helped raise awareness on new and emerging technology, informed a shared language around technology, and added data and context as leaders plan for future work.

Pearson proved especially valuable in identifying areas where Purina needs to focus, including process automation, predictive analysis and decision generation, solution discovery, and collaborative robotics.

“We’ve seen a change in culture across Purina since introducing Pearson insights. Associates across the organization are more willing to use technology in their daily jobs. We’ve also seen the ability to use this data to make or support decisions already in progress.”

— Ellen Lynch, People Analytics Consultant

“Pearson inspired us to go down this journey of educating our people, especially our leaders, on what emerging technology exists. We’ve seen a positive push to make everything more efficient.”

Proactive Strategies for the Future

In 2022, 83% of employees reported that they were able to better incorporate technology into their work. Pearson is helping bring about that change—and it’s helping everyone think about the future of work more holistically.



“The Pearson insights that were identified for our sales group helped us make significant and quick progress in areas we were already exploring and introduced us to the possibilities collaborative robotics offered. That was an area we hadn’t really thought about before Pearson,” said Stepp.


Faethem’s future of work data and predictive analytics models are continuously updated to help our customers accurately predict what changes will be required to their workforce due to global changes and technological advances.

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