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Labour Market Insights

Fuel a thriving, resilient economy with a skilled, employable workforce.




To be prepared for the future, you have to understand it



  • Prepare for industry growth and decline
  • Understand impacts of government action
  • Identify and redeploy stranded workforces
  • Pre-empt and navigate skills shortages
Know what's next

Gain a clear view of how complex and competing forces will shape the future workforce.

Deliver effective outcomes

Drive policy and investment decisions with insights on economy, technology and industry evolution.

Compare potential scenarios

Compare and configure future scenarios to evaluate workforce and industry readiness.

Our clients not only withstand crises and economic shocks, they thrive.

Transitioning the economy beyond coal

As Australia’s Hunter Valley coal mining industry slowly declines, workers wonder what the future holds. Now is the time for this vibrant region to begin developing new industries for a boost to the economy through job creation. Faethm’s workforce insights reveal where common skills across industries can be leveraged to seize opportunities to transition to future-proof jobs outside the mining industry.

Building critical skills for future jobs

Automating technologies are profoundly impacting Texan workers. Twenty percent of workers earning under $65,000 are likely to lose their jobs in the next five years. Faethm's predictive analytics show how technology will impact each workforce segment in every industry, enabling decision-makers to identify which future critical skills to retrain at-risk workers in and where to redeploy them.