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Preparing every worker, everywhere, for the future of work.

Our enterprise SaaS platform predicts the future and transforms your static workforce data into dynamic scenario planning.



“Faethm assists with making smarter decisions about workforces. Faethm’s predictive analytics are robust and work at all scales. It helps DeakinCo. work with our clients to optimise people development initiatives for transitioning workforce capability. Faethm is second to none: it shows the possibilities for upskilling and reskilling existing workforces, before considering new hires.”


Glenn Campbell, Executive Director & CEO,
DeakinCo, Deakin University

Unlock the value of your data

Faethm’s enterprise platform makes data more accessible by representing your contextual workforce data in a visual, interactive format to deliver clear predictions on the future impacts of emerging technologies.

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Strategic workforce planning

Anticipate future workforce supply and demand with actionable insights on the future impacts of technology on your workforce.

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Career mobility

Assess the viability of individual job transitions and identify optimal career transition pathways to jobs with future growth.

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Sustainable automation

Lead a technology adoption strategy that considers and plans for the future employability of your workforce.

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Learning and development

Identify skill gaps between the jobs of today and the future to deliver targeted upskilling programs.