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Higher Education

Drive the transformation of your institution to reach a growing lifelong learning market, higher student expectations and industry demand for new and emerging skills with a data-informed curriculum, products and delivery.

As the world prepares for the impact of technology on the workforce and the resultant jobs impact, lifelong learning has become the antidote. As a result, by 2030, the Corporate and Lifelong Education market is expected to reach $6 trillion. Faethm is the world’s leading data source fuelling the response to this opportunity across the following core use cases.





New Revenue Streams

With Corporate and Lifelong Learning Education spend reaching the triIIions by 2030, how are you preparing your products and capability to address this market? Going after the existing workforce reskilling opportunity for many universities is a large and untapped student population. Faethm provides a bridge on which to reach this market with both insights and curriculum.

Marketing / Brand

The Future of Work has quickly become a top priority for corporate and government leaders, from the World Economic Forum to MIT. It’s clear that the need for the Higher Education sector to address the challenge is everywhere! To take advantage of this opportunity and align your brand to this message, you need data to back it up. Faethm has the data science to fuel your external communications and brand your university as the pathway to this future.


Build professional short-course curriculum, leveraging Faethm data to identify modern reskilling corridors for the existing workforce. Faethm’s Job Corridor technology acknowledges the skills of the worker and provides job-tojob skills gap analysis to the jobs of the future, taking into account the impact of emerging technology on each job, skill and task.

Industry engagement

Faethm provides insights into the impacts of emerging technology on every industry, from Agriculture to Financial Services. This can enable the Higher Education sector to engage with industry on common ground and showcase how the university can both upskill and reskill their workforce with short course products and microcredentials.

Student engagement

University Graduate Employability Rankings are under increasing threat as emerging technology impacts an ever-wider array of jobs. Faethm provides your career planning and student experience teams with the insights necessary to support guidance towards a future-proof career, from basic awareness to full career planning, ensuring students find a career path with less risk of automation.

Influence existing product and curriculum design

Validate current curriculum to ensure it is leading to future jobs that are less at risk of major impact from emerging technology, based on the skills required for those jobs.

New offerings

Use the Faethm platform to create a Certificate of Digital Economy - all part of a new digital transformation curriculum.

Connected offerings

Using Faethm data to bring the IT / Engineering school together with all other areas of academia, to not only build the technology but also apply it to the business areas being impacted by that technology.

“Faethm assists with making smarter decisions about workforces. Faethm’s predictive analytics are robust and work at all scales. It helps DeakinCo. work with our clients to optimise people development initiatives for transitioning workforce capability. Faethm is second to none: it shows the possibilities for upskilling and reskilling existing workforces, before considering new hires.”


Glenn Campbell, Executive Director & CEO,
DeakinCo, Deakin University