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Mastercard shortlisted for the 2021 AI Innovator of the Year Awards using Faethm data


Esther Gallo, Senior Vice President of Workforce Innovation, nominated for her trailblazing work.


We’re thrilled to announce that Esther Gallo, Mastercard’s Senior Vice President of Workforce Innovation, is one of six shortlisted candidates for the AI Innovator of the Year Award for her innovative work in using Faethm data to plan for a hybrid workforce. Ms Gallo and her team leveraged Faethm’s predictive, AI-powered insights to identify every role’s potential for remote work and the amount of human interactivity required. These data-driven insights guided their planning for who needed to be in the office and when, and which roles could remain most productive while remote. ​


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Esther Gallo AI Innovator of the Year Awards


The AI Innovator of the Year Awards are designed to recognize business leaders who have driven business transformation through innovative AI projects. Held each year as part of the AI Summit, these prestigious awards showcase exceptional work in developing and implementing breakthrough applications of AI in business.

Faethm’s comprehensive analysis of Mastercard’s workforce data revealed granular details that gave Mastercard the confidence they were making the right decisions for both the business and their employee’s wellbeing. In particular, the analysis surfaced remoteability at a task level, showing which specific tasks could be undertaken remotely and the extent to which each task required human interaction. The data also assisted Mastercard to gain a clear view of the in-office time that each organizational unit required to maintain productivity​.

All of this is made possible through Faethm’s unique, future-focused AI, which analyses how automating and augmenting technologies will impact work and workers up to fifteen years into the future. Faethm’s vast data sets capture two billion of the world’s workforce. This data includes a proprietary occupation ontology, a technology taxonomy of 16 major emerging technologies and data sets that incorporate tens of thousands of work tasks, occupations and skills. Faethm’s future-of-work predictive analytics are recognized globally as a world first and have been used by leading organizations and governments around the globe to chart successful paths to the future.


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Please join us in celebrating the incredible work of Esther Gallo and her team at Mastercard for their use of AI. The AI Innovator of the Year Awards are open for voting until September 20, and the winner will be announced at The AI Summit on September 23.

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