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How To Reduce Automation Anxiety & Boost Mental Wellness in the Age of AI



Are your employees worried about their jobs being replaced by automation? Enterprise adoption of automation technology has been supercharged since 2020 and we now see automation happening everywhere.

In this webinar, John Rogers presents some good news. Our predictive workforce analytics program has looked 15 years into the future and the numbers show that employee anxiety about automation, while understandable, is largely based on myth. The data shows that the future of jobs looks much brighter than many people think and has the promising possibility of everyone, everywhere, having a job in which they are less stressed and happier.

Co-host Lisa Wren, an accredited Mental Health First Aider with an MSc in Psychology, presents a case study from her role as Director of IP & Rights at Pearson. She shares strategies and tactics on how she managed her team's automation anxiety and how she led members to embrace the automation of repetitive and mundane tasks so they could spend more time on uniquely human work.

Watch the full video to explore how you can alleviate your workforce's automation anxiety using insightful future of work data. Plus, gather tips on how to implement augmentation so it doesn't disrupt employee mental well-being, but rather enhances employee wellness.


John Rogers, VP Global Partners at Faethm by Pearson

Lisa Wren, Director of IP & Rights and Global Mindfulness Lead at Pearson

Original Event Date: 30 August 2022